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Love of fiber, natural and local produce led to the establishment of Blind Buck Farm in 2010. We maintain a strong belief that eating locally strengthens our immune system, and enables us to adapt to our climate. Lubna Dabbagh, the founder of Blind Buck Farm, has a passion for natural fibers, and is an avid knitter. Raising our own Merino Sheep, Leicester Longwool sheep ( a severely endangered species), Angora goats and Angora rabbits, gives us the opportunity to blend yarns in unique ways. Each season we produce unique blends, and we dye them right on the farm using non-toxic, metal free dyes. All of our produce is grown from organic seed; we never use any chemicals or pesticides. Our poultry is fed organic grain only and all are pasture raised. We welcome visitors to the farm anytime. We encourage you to drive out to beautiful Washington County and take a tour of our farm.

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