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Bolster Farm is a small family farm in the Mohawk Valley of upstate New York, about an hour west of Albany. We focus on raising grass-fed and grass-finished beef cattle, including Black Angus, Red Angus, and Red Devons. We also pasture-raise and finish heritage breed pigs, including Large Black, Old Spot, and Berkshire crosses. Our beef cattle spend their entire lives on pasture consuming grasses and legumes. We rotationally graze the cows daily during the growing season. During the winter, we supplement with hay which is fed on pasture. Our pigs spend their entire lives on pasture as well. They are rotated to different sections of woods and pasture. We supplement them with non-GMO, local grains, as well as local spent brewer's grain. During the winter, they live in a hoophouse shelter with outdoor access and we supplement them with hay. We do not use any hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. All of our animals are handled utilizing low-stress handling techniques, and animal welfare is always our top priority. Our herd health protocols are managed by one of the farm owners who is also a practicing large animal veterinarian. We are always open to farm visitors, but please call or email ahead.

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