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Clover Road Farm has been dedicated to growing the best food possible with organic growing methods that provide safe and natural foods. Our CSA group is called "Hungry for Health". This season we are even more diligent than ever before about seed choices that are NON GMO. Tho we are not certified we are completely dedicated to organic methods. Safe food choices are getting more and more scarce and we want to provide safe food. We have incorporated high tunnels, growing tunnels, and the latest in drip irrigation to help us with season extension and unexpected changes in weather. The farm is located in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of NY and provides us with many growing challenges. We have early and late frosts as well as the possibility of drought, driving rains, snow and wind damages. However, , we persevere. Our chickens are free to roam inside their houses without cages and we move them to new areas each day or week as needed. The chickens line up at the front end of their houses when they hear the tractor coming. They know they are about to get fresh bugs, worms and grasses and it's an exciting time for them. Their feed is completely GMO free grains and we do not feed soy making the eggs extremely safe to eat. They produce wonderful tasty and nutritious eggs for the market. The farm is actually a very naturally symbiotic source for wildlife and insects. We use a wide range of botanicals for pest management as well as natural concoctions based on our research into safe uses of everyday items for pest and healthy plant management. We are careful not to introduce anything from off farm sources that might contaminate our system. Weed control consists of many hours of hand weeding, horse cultivation and some tractor use. Our horses love being an integral part of our everyday chores. They provide the manure that is composted for use three years later. Each year our vegetable selection increases and our highly valued crops are distributed through farmer's markets and our precious share holders. Our shareholders take pride in the farm's production and are very satisfied with our diversity. Farm tours are offered in the Fall season and we continue to look for new ways to share this idealistic way of life with others throughout the year.

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