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We have been raising Angus cattle and fruit here at Excelsior Farms for three generations. Our cattle genetics are some of the best in the country for marbling and tenderness- giving you the most delicious beef for you and your family. We rotationally graze our small farm to prevent overgrazing, and erosion and ensure sustainabilty for future generations. The cattle have a buffet of grass for their entire life, and also hand feed a some grain towards finishing to ensure the marbling and flavor which makes our beef so desirable. Our family is BQA certified, meaning we are experts on cattle welfare and humane-handling.These are happy cows, come see for yourself. Additionally, we grow high quality peaches, nectarines, and a variety of apples on the farm. Our small size allows us to focus on quality, not quantity and we pride ourselves on growing the best food possible for your family. Come for a farm visit or find more on our website at We're on Instagram and Facebook- check us out and say Hi!

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