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We are an urban mini-farm located in the beautiful east bay hills of San Francisco, in El Sobrante. We are organic certified by CCOF and the Real Organic Project. In addition to the listed fruits and vegetables, we offer quinoa, amaranth, apple mint, chocolate mint, and fresh rau ram (aka laksa, or Vietnamese mint) and methi (aka fenugreek). We pride ourselves on growing open-pollinated heritage breeds of grains, beans, herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Purchases of ship-able items can be made on our website. We open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons for u-picking. Private farm tours and picnics can be reserved on our website. Our vegetables, herbs, flowers, and rhubarb are grown in composted double-dug beds, using hand tools and hand watering. The grapevines and fruit orchard are on a drip system, grown with a diverse cover crop. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used. Soil fertility and plant health are maintained by promoting abundant soil life and organic matter, and using companion planting and crop rotations.

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