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At Artisan Cattle, we believe that eating healthy doesn't have to be a choice between taste and wholesomeness. Our Wagyu beef - from the same breed that produces Japan's famed Kobe beef - is renowned for its intense marbling, which gives it unsurpassed flavor and tenderness, as well as its higher percentage of oleaginous, unsaturated fat. In fact, Wagyu beef's omega-3 and omega-6 fats actually promote good health, particularly cardiovascular health. Raised on hundreds of rolling acres in Marion County and far from the stress of modern industrialization, our free-range cattle are antibiotic, hormone-free and traceable. No only do we sell sought after beef but one can also access the highest quality Wagyu genetics for your herd. Fullblood Wagyu heifers, bulls, embryos, semen and guaranteed pregnancies. F1 and Purebred heifers and steers also avaliable. Genetics include - Michifuku, Fukutsuru 068, Itozuru Doi, Yasufuku Jr. Sanjiro, Kitateruyasu Doi and others Our clients always know how and where their beef is raised. That's the Artisan Cattle way. That's the way to healthy living.

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