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I raise produce, I Vegetables and fruit's While lasting of bird's I'm starting this year coming I will take order's ahead of time for Christmas and New Year this year . Next Year I have take order ahead time and have bird's ready for next Thanksgiving and Christmas and Year New also and if I Bird's on hand I'm sell what needed to sell . I breeder my owe Bird's and and raise them also throw time of selling . I an local person that Custom Dress bird's out for you and I Work with an local locker to smoke meat's too I do custom grafting also and sell trees on order. I also raise heritage Turkey breeds, and sell live turkey chicks and large birds. The Turkey 's are the Midget white breed The bird's are live hen Turkey is $16.00 and one to dress are $20.00 An live Tom Turkey is $25.00 and one are dress are $30.00 I also sell hatch eggs for sale, When in season for hatching turkey eggs. I have about 0 turkey 4 sale for Thanksgiving and Christmas to and New Year . For ready the the diner table

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