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We are a small Micro-greens farming company dedicated to equipping our community with harvested and living microgreen super-food crops. The general public doesn't necessarily know that they can nor how to grow edibles conveniently and cost-effectively right at home, even on your kitchen counter top. Our ideas and product links provide easy growing solutions for an ever-widening variety of wants and needs in our local communities and the tools and supplies to assist with it with home food management techniques. We grow artisan (hard-to-find) microgreens and design grow systems that look as great as they work. But our real passion is to support food freedom for the family using very little space. Pre-order to secure your crop today! Our crops are priced in 4 categories. Please see the website for more information. And remember, it only takes a small amount of micro-greens for great feeling of satiation. All crop types by default are for sale as available. Prices as listed unless otherwise stated: Our Basic Microgreen Crops: $2.50/oz *Pea (L) *Sunflower (L) *Broccoli (L) *Kale (L) *Cabbage (L) *Wheatgrass (L) Our Artisanal Microgreens Crops: $3/oz Radish (L) Beets Nasturtium **Arugula (L) (Salad Microgreens Crops) $3.50/oz **Romaine **Mesclun Salad Blend *Basic Salad Mix Blend (L) Spicy Salad Mix Blend (L) (Herbs Microgreens Crops) $4/oz *Marigold ($4.50/ oz) *Cilantro ($4.50/oz) **Basil ($4.50/oz) **Lemon Balm ($4.50/oz) Borage (L) **Celery ($4.50/oz) Mustard (L) *Cress ($4.50/oz) * - special order only | ** - 30-60 day harvest period | L - Living Crops Available It is best practice with us to pre-order whenever possible. We can also set up a growing plan that works best for you and your household. If you'd just like to ask some questions, I'm happy to help. We can also help you with: DIY Micro-greens Growing Kits with seed samples DIY Hydroponic and Wicking Growing Systems Gift Box Kits "Lettuce Get Growing Together"

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