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Constellation Farm is a small scale producer of seasonally grown, certified organic vegetables, garlic, herbs, and cut flowers. We tend two acres of beautiful flowers and tasty vegetables in Independence Valley, forty minutes south of Olympia in Rochester, Washington. Because we feel inspired and awed by the incredible wildness and beauty of this place, we strive to be as environmentally responsible as possible. We use very little machinery and fossil fuels, rotate crops, add nutrients to feed the soil, and take care to grow old heirloom variety vegetables. WE LOVE FOOD and we love to share it with you! Constellation Farm sells tulips, vegetables, veg starts, and flowers at the Olympia Farmers Market from April to November, and at the Chehalis Farmers' Market from June to October. This season we also offer seasonal organic flowers for weddings or events, available at bulk rates. Please e-mail us for more details!

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