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Using sustainable practices, we raise heritage breed animals on dryland pasture/paddocks. We bring our livestock in at night to protect from predators. Hand managed twice a day by family members, we have highland cattle, tamworth pigs, jacob sheep, and chickens, ducks, geese, guineas and turkeys. Our newest introduction is meat rabbits, and we raise worms in vermiculture pits under their cages. We have a fodder system (grows sprouts in a contained system) that allows us to finish all our livestock on grass, If they are not able to graze on pasture, they still eat grass fed to them twice daily in their paddocks. We have a large family, including 5 adopted children. All of our kids benefit from the fresh air and animals on our remote farm. Your purchase helps support our lifestyle of caring for the land and for others. We sell frozen whole specialy poultry in the late fall for your holiday table, and other meats packaged for your family size, in bulk, the first of the year. We are happy to custom raise livestock for your fall order with a deposit/order by March 1. Please contact us via email for price list and reservation form. We also host Homestead Bootcamps (September) and Family Homestead Days (May) for home school families with Christian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC) as our co-host.

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