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For over a hundred years, our family has hand raised cattle for our own use. Now we'd like to raise cattle for your family. We have fresh and frozen all natural local beef available in our on-farm store during August to January. We sell Beef Shares (1/8 of a steer) or Beef Sides by appointment during the rest of the year. We know not only what our animals have eaten, where it's been and who has handled it, but we also know its ancestry for generations. Since we provide beef from a limited number of small local family farms, our quantities are very limited. We process only a few cattle a year. It takes about 2 years for a steer to mature. As you'll see when you come to visit, our cows graze at will on grass and hay. We "finish" them during the last few months with grain. They never receive injections, antibiotics, artificial growth hormones or anything that cattle didn't get 100 years ago when Cordrays first started raising all natural beef. All our beef is dry aged and hand cut, then vacuum packaged in family sized servings. It has a unique, old fashioned flavor that you and your family will love!

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