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At Chicken Creek Homestead our focus is on sustainable agriculture. Our goal is to humanely produce outstanding quality lambs while being careful stewards of the land and its resources. We strive to have a positive impact on our community, livestock and wildlife, farming with integrity in ways that are good for our livestock, our environment, and its people. We are a small operation, focusing on quality. We have a small flock and can identify each of our animals by sight to ensure that every individual is healthy and carefully managed. We are dedicated to high welfare livestock management and husbandry practices because we love animals and enjoy caring for them. Our sheep, lambs, goats and kids have access to the outdoors in pastures in the beautiful Shields Valley of Montana for their entire lives. They drink year-round from a pristine creek that flows out of Montana's Crazy Mountains. Our critters can behave in a natural way, including natural weaning of lambs and kids so that moms and babes decide when they are ready. Our sheep, lambs, goats, and kids do not experience any unnecessary stress at any time. We believe that sheep and goats need to live on pasture and forage and have a right to a healthy outdoor life. A pasture-based system benefits sheep, goats, the environment, and humans who depend on animals for meat. Our livestock is raised in the highest welfare manner. We are Animal Welfare Approved and certified non-GMO by A Greener World.

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