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We are a family owned and operated farm in southern Montgomery County, MO. We have been raising sheep and cattle for more than 20 years. We have fattened hogs for the past 2 years and we are also raising chickens for meat and eggs. We do not use any antibiotics, hormones or steroids on any of these animals. We have 3 small children and are very concerned with how the food supply in the United States has changed-this is what has caused us to try to raise enough animals so that we can also help other people feed their family fresh and SAFE foods. We raise calves year round but do not always have one ready for slaughter. It takes about 4 additional months for us to get a calf up to our slaughter weight which is usually between 1000-1400 pounds. We sell calves based on their live weight per pound. Lambs are raised in groups and are generally only available in the spring months or late winter. Our lambs are crossbred meat lambs and will weigh around 120-150 pounds when ready for slaughter. We raise pork in groups also. Please inquire to find out when our next group will be ready! We sell the pork by the pig- there will be a set price for the entire hog delivered to our local butchershop. Yields are typically high for our pigs and you will get about 200 pounds of meat! We raise meat chickens and can raise them to various carcass sizes from 3 pounds to 10 pounds. Chicken is sold based on carcass weight $3.00 per pound. From October to February we cannot get chicks so there will be a gap in availability. I have layer hens also and when I have an abundance of eggs I will be happy to sell you some! $3.00 per dozen for white, brown or mixed. All of our livestock are out side, their entire lives (except the first couple weeks for the newly hatched chicks)! We treat our animals with dignity and respect. We feel that it is our responsibility to teach our children how to care for and appreciate the animals we were chosen to care for. We do not push our animals reproductively or to 'finish' on our schedule. Some animals are ready sooner than others-and that is OK with us. If an animal gets sick we give it medicine so that it can heal, and carry on its life. But we do not administer drugs to healthy animals nor do we put it in their feed. This means there is no residue in your protein source and you can feel confident feeding it to your family. We also raise alfalfa, brome and timothy hay, which we feed to our animals and sell the surplus to other farmers. We also raise silage corn, feed corn and soybeans. Here is a list of items we have available: naturally raised pork, hormone free pork, antibiotic free pork, naturally raised beef, hormone free beef, antibiotic free beef, naturally raised lamb, hormone free lamb, antibiotic free lamb, naturally raised chicken, hormone free chicken, antibiotic free chicken, naturally raised brown eggs, naturally raised white eggs, farm fresh eggs, humanely treated animals.

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