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As a new farmer, I will be expanding selection each year, as I learn and grow the business; along with working a full-time job serving our veterans. I started with egg-laying chickens, black walnuts, and existing grape vines when I purchased this farm in 2016. From there, I've added a small garden, pear trees, apple trees, honey bees, a goat, and a sheep. This year, 2018, I plan to expand the garden (using heritage seeds), add meat chickens, plant a variety of berries, and more fruit trees. Future plans will include goat's milk, wool, grass-fed beef, and black walnut syrup, just to name a few. My goal is to develop a self-sufficient homestead, in a constant sustainable cycle, implementing permaculture methods. I practice pesticide-free farming. I use a mixture of old farming techniques with modern science and knowledge. I do this as I personally grow to become a healthier individual myself, and I want to share the benefit of my gained knowledge and skills with others in a hope to use the additional income to further advance and update the equipment and supplies to continue this lifestyle for myself and my community.

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