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We're several neighboring families working together to grow natural, healthy, fresh, and tasty produce, beef, pork, and eggs. Our weekly CSA/Farm Share delivers produce, grass fed beef, pasture raised pork, eggs and chicken to your home or workplace throughout the greater Austin area. We use organic methods, with no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides in our gardens, orchard, and pastures. Our vegetables are principally heirloom varieties and we never plant GMO seeds or crops at the farm. Please visit our website at for all the details on our weekly CSA/Farm Share program Our cattle are a cross between heritage Devons and the famous South Poll breed known for excellence on grass pastures with no need for grain or supplements. With rotational grazing, the cattle stay healthy and well fed, while the pastures get regular periods of rest and regrowth. The cattle are never fed any grain, hormones, or antibiotics. The calves are born on our farm and live here their whole life. Cattle are processed at nearby state-inspected meat markets, ensuring the health and integrity of all the meat we sell. We've established a small orchard, blackberry patch, and several grape vines providing a variety of fruit to our produce. Our flock of mature free-range chickens lay healthy brown eggs. We're raising heritage breed Red Wattle pigs on pasture and have a family milk cow.

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