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We are a fifth and sixth generation farm, family owned since 1886, selling a variety of healthy meats from our on-farm store. Greg manages the 100% grass fed and grass finished beef and bison herds as well as raises roasting chickens and eggs, when available. Nate manages the heritage Tamworth pork and his weed eating goats. All animals are raised without synthetic hormones, on gmo-free feed. We believe in raising healthy animals, and rely on natural breeding and birthing. We do not dehorn our animals. No routine antibiotics are ever used. All meat is sold right in our on-farm store, cuts individually wrapped and frozen. Sides and split sides are available with advance order and there is usually a wait list. Our motto is "from our farm, to your family....naturally". Stop in and ask questions. We are happy to tell you why we believe you should put your money in the hands of your local farmer, and keep your health.

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