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Chatham Preservation Farm is dedicated to providing the greatest food to people through raising heritage breeds of livestock and heirloom fruits and vegetables in a sustainable manner. Chatham Preservation Farms offers a wide variety of produce and pastured poultry and goat through our on the farm pick up, CSA and Buffalo Farmers Market. We are committed to maintaining wonderful antique breeds such as Blue Slate and Bourbon Red Turkeys, Welsummer Chickens and American Buff Geese as a genetic preservation farm all the while expecting them to pull their own weight in being highly productive. We strive to produce heirloom and new varieties of the best produce through sustainable methods. Produce is available during the growing season through the CSA and at the Buffalo Farmers Market. Pasture raised chickens are sold during the months of June, July and August. With fall brings the heritage turkeys and geese for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our main fruit offering is Black Currant and our new orchard of over 100 varieties of Antique Apples continually grows and are hoping to add them to the mix in the next couple of years. We encourage visitors to our century family farm to see our operation and the goats love company!

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