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Anutty Farm was started buy Shelley after having cancer. I started with Free range layer chickens and feeding them a Non Gmo feed and organic feed and selling eggs. I have graduated to not only chicken eggs, but duck and goose eggs in season,USDA inspected meats in the form of lamb (sheep that is less than a year old), mutton(sheep that is a year or older), red wattle pork, duck meat, meat chickens soup chickens, goat,rabbit, and beef. Anutty farm raises all animals except rabbits on pasture. I have not had luck raising rabbits on pasture. Down here in the Ozarks we have to many paricites that kill them; as well as, wild critters in the form of hawks, owls, dogs possums, coons. I am a small producer so I have a limited amount of eggs and meat.

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