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We focus upon the organic Sweet White Pineapple. This tasty sweet white pineapple is low-acid and a unique treat suited toward a special occasion. This year's harvest(2021), which is usually July through October, may be our largest ever. At the farm, they are $2 lb. Most of our produce is distributed wholesale. However, our nursery is now producing a variety of trees; Golden Glow and Mapalehu Mangoes($65 each), Kahalu and Yamagata Avocado($65 each). A large variety of citrus($40 each) may be available late in the year; Meyer Lemon, Tahitian Lime, Washington Navel Orange, Mineola Tangelo, Tangerine and Ruby Red Grapefruit. If you would like to place an order or make a connection, the best way is email: [email protected]

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