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We are a small farmlet that mainly grows food for our own family but, in doing so, we often have an overflow of products. Our farm started out in Lucas, TX and has grown/expanded to Hunt County in East Texas. You can pick up items directly at the farm during the week (Mon-Thurs 10AM - 4PM) or meet us at one of our drop off locations on Saturday. See our blog page for more info about us: Or, visit our on-line farmers' market to place an order: Thank you for supporting local farmers! Items available include (but not limited to): Eggs (season commitment from Apr-Sept) [li]Herbs (various times) [li]Pork (avail. in March) [li]White Blooming Iris Pond/Water Garden Plants; heirloom herb transplants (spring and fall months) [li]Sheep (live for pasture/pet); lamb (meat) [li]Sheep Herd Shares (includes milk Feb-Sept) [li]Soap (made naturally w/ rain water, herbs & essences-select from current batches or request a custom batch) [li]Vanilla Extract (all natural - avail. year round) [li]Cedar Mulch (year round-bagged in 50lb sacks) [li]Bread from fresh ground wheat berries made by hand (not by bread machine) from our co-farming friend: Found Penny Farms

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