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Butter Patch Farms, LLC is a family owned farm/dairy using sustainable practices. We offer Raw Whole Jersey Milk and cage free brown eggs.Also available is grassfed Red Poll beef. Red Polls are a heritage breed and are noted for their tenderness. Our pigs are a heritage breed, Tamworth. We offer cuts of pork, 1/2 or whole pigs and piglets if you are interested in raising one or several for yourself. The pigs are on pasture and LOVE the Jersey milk we give them. Our dairy cows receive NO BST, steroids or antibiotics. WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE WE ARE FEEDING NON GMO GRAINS AND OUR JERSEY HERD IS 100% A2/A2 TESTED. The small amount of NON GMO grain is fed during the morning and afternoon milking. After being milked the"girls" are then on pasture and hay and plenty of clean water 24/7. Milk is bottled fresh and call ahead orders are requested,

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