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Bountiful Acres is a small family homestead farm located about 14 miles east of Lebanon, TN in the beautiful rolling hills of Smith County. We raise LaMancha and Nubian Dairy Goats, Wool Sheep (shetland, BFL, Finn/Shetland/Dorset cross, Romney, Cotswold, Suffolk, and CVM/romidale), Angora Rabbits, Heritage chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese and guineas. We have also recently added mini horses. We raise honey bees and are anticipating a good honey season this year. Due to our lands tendency to flood we no longer offer a CSA but we do still raise large amounts of produce and herbs. This year we will be offering on site classes for soap making, spinning, wool processing, in addition to many more. Check our website for dates and times. We strive to raise everything, from plant to animal, organically. We are offering a select number of Dairy Goat Herd Shares. Pick up is on the farm. Details on the website. Or contact us for more info. In the state of TN it is illegal to offer goat milk in any form for sale, unless you are offering a goat herd share. If you take a class in cheesemaking please make sure the farm you are taking it at is a legal goat dairy. If not, they are offering classes illegally. If you taste their cheese, it is illegal. If they sell it to you under the table, it is illegal. Please stay informed and stay legal.

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