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Eagle Ridge Ranch is a small acreage, regenerative agriculture farm located in the Flint Hills of Kansas. We focus on healthy and sustainable animal husbandry and land management practices by raising multi species of livestock with rotational grazing practices mimicking natural grazing patterns. We believe healthy, happy animals provide the most nutrient dense foods and products. We strive to allow our animals plenty of sunshine and grass through intensive rotational grazing. Without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, we believe we are doing our part to maintain and improve our slice of heaven in the Flint Hills. We believe in transparency and education. Frequent social media updates and an open door policy allows us to educate not only our customers, but anyone interested in where their food comes from. We plan to expand in current and new areas as interest grows. Currently we provide free range non-gmo chicken and duck eggs, pastured poultry, forest raised pork and grass fed lamb. Visitors are welcome to come tour the farm and observe daily chores. We ask that anyone interested contact us to make an appointment.

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