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Thank you for your interest in buying butternuts from me. I have some white walnuts (butternuts) this year. The past couple of years were poor years for butternuts and I was stingy and kept them all to my self. This year I have enough to share again. I will be selling butternuts this year for the same price as before, $6.50 per pound, in the shell, cracked but the nut meats not picked out. Five pounds of butternuts yield about one to one and a quarter pound of nut meat. I have a PayPal account and this is my preferred method of payment. I am cracking the butternuts fresh and packaging them as I crack them. When the butternuts are packaged I will send you an email invoice for the butternuts and the cost of shipping. As soon as I'm notified that your payment was received via PayPal I will ship. I ship USPS flat rate, that is priority mail, and the package will arrive in just a couple of days, maximum freshness. 5 pounds fit in a medium USPS flat rate box, 10 pounds fit in a large USPS flat rate box. A raw butternut out of the shell should not be kept at room temperature more than maybe a week. If you roast your butternuts in the oven at 200 degrees for 12 minutes they will last for a couple of months at room temp in a jar with a tight fitting lid. If you keep raw butternuts in the refrigerator they will last several months. If you keep your raw butternuts in the freezer they will last a year. I recommend that you pick your butternuts when you receive your order, and put them in the freezer, in a mason jar with a tight lid. So when you let me know how many nuts you would like I will get crackin. Kind regards, Mark A RietKerk

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