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AWAKEN ORGANICS was born from the idea that we could share and educate people about the advantages of eating healthy nutritious, delicious food and the benefits of biogenic* diet. AWAKEN ORGANICS grows healthy nutritious sprouts, micro-greens, organics, herbs, and edible flowers. Quality, Safety, and Free from pesticides! We grow our sprouts and micro greens from certified organic seeds only. We don't use GMO seeds Our process follows an HACCP program to deliver high standards in safety, quality and freshness. Why do we grow Sprouts and Micro greens? Sprouts or Microgreens are biogenic* foods capable of generating and creating new life. Sprouts and Micro-Greens contain all the nutrients and enzymes for health and longevity in an easy digestible form. As you eat these tiny power houses of energy your entire mind-body-spirit becomes revitalized and nourished. In an active biogenic diet, our state of consciousness shifts and we feel more alive, energetic and in alignment with the energy that surrounds us. As a result, we awaken to the world in a way that other foods could never achieve. * A biogenic diet consisting of foods capable of generating and creating new life such as sprouts and micro-greens.

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