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We are a small family farm focusing on all-natural pasture based production. We raise as today's popular fast growing Cornish Rock Broilers as well as the Heritage Red Cornish. Our meat birds are started indoors in large spacious pens and then moved outside to graze on pasture. Our meat birds are supplemented with local grains that contain no additives or antibiotics. Beginning in May, chickens are processed once per month. Our pasture raised Broad Breasted White turkeys are raised in a similar fashion to the chickens. They will be available fresh for Thanksgiving. Pre-orders required. Our free-ranging laying hens are laying well and providing us with a wonderful supply of eggs. Available in "nest box assortment" (all colors, all sizes) or "off the scale jumbo." Rabbit meat will be available on a limited supply year round. Call to reserve your's today! We are reserving orders for lamb from our small Katahdin (hair sheep) flock. Our lamb is born in late April. This allows the lamb to born in the warmer temperature and beginning of the grazing season. Pre-orders are encouraged. We utitilze our pasture raised Berkshire pigs to root up and improve our pastures. Pork is available year round with pre-orders for whole and halves taken in the spring. Please don't hesitate to call if you have any questions, would like to visit or to request an order form.

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