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Our farm is located in Bracken County Kentucky where we raise tobacco, hay, beef cattle, and now gourds. My husband and I share the love of growing things and I have found a passion for crafting the gourds we grow. We raise many varieties of gourds from mini to large African Wine Kettles. The process starts from seed in our small greenhouse in early spring. It continues in the field until after the first freeze. We then have to patiently wait for nature to dry them which can take anywhere from a month for the smallest mini to more than a year for large varieties. Once dried, there are many methods of transforming these gifts from nature into a finished piece of art. They can be painted, stained or dyed, carved, pyroengraved with a woodburning tool, and embellished in numerous ways. I am self-taught with a little formal training and still trying to find my own style for creating unique pieces. The gourd continues to fascinate me from the time the seed germinates until it becomes a piece of art.

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