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Falkenberg Honey has raises Honey bees and bottled up the honey in the fall for many years. We know because we do all the processing ourselves, we just know it is as pure as it can bee. We have some bees wax chunks for woodworking and poured some clean wax candles too. Occasionally we get comb honey and chuck comb honey, this is fresh drawn comb and the conditions have to be just right for the bees to work it. Bee pollen we don't have but maybe we can gather that too someday. Falkenberg honey is processes in a license establishment following Michigan agriculture and rural development guidelines. Always doing our best to minimize the stress and harm any honey bee. We take the surplus from the bees and share it with our local community, giving back an all-natural medicine; raw honey (never heated) contains the most antioxidants compounds. Honey preserves all the natural vitamins, enzymes and other nutritional elements, what they gather is what you get, we never know what we will get nature makes the decision if it is to hot and dry we get less honey if it is too cold or wet we get less honey the bees gather and collect when they can and when they don't work we don't get the reward of their Honey.

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