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A bountiful, diverse garden for those who love to cook and eat good food. You will be challenged and changed. Shareholders get the best of what we grow--veggies, herbs, fruits--at peak flavor. The only closer connection to the seasonal cornucopia would be your own back yard. Shares are delivered on Wednesdays to Old Louisville, on Saturdays to the East End of Louisville, and available at the farm either day. Alternate pick up options are possible. We offer a 24-week Full produce share, a 15-week Summer produce share, a half share (every other week delivery), an egg share, a cut flower share, meat chickens, and a Winter share. Potluck celebrations are held twice a year on the farm. A talented food writer/shareholder emails weekly recipe ideas with what's in the box. Labor is done by the farmers, willing working shares and volunteers. We believe in comraderie. In its 16th year, our CSA is a lively community of wonderful people participating in the creation of its food. The farm is located in Henry County, Kentucky, about 45 minutes from downtown Louisville. Most of the land is steep rolling pasture and woods. Annual production takes place on a few acres of beautiful, gently-sloping, deer-fenced ridgetops. We practice contour plowing, extensive green manure/cover cropping, spreading composted manures, and mulching with straw to minimize erosion. No synthetic chemicals are used and fossil fuel use is very limited. Harvest is divided into equal shares with very little waste. We do not rely on the "organic" label but rather invite members to come and certify for themselves. Diversity and community is the key to success of this CSA. We plant hundreds of varieties of vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers. Whatever the wacky weather, many crops thrive and provide the bounty. Periodic newsletters chronicle the saga. Food that has a familiar story tastes better.

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