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Fresh eggs from our free-range hens! Healthy and delicious, no antibiotics, no hormones! Georgia Department of Agriculture License #6447. Our happy pastured hens (Barred Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, Leghorns and Ameraucanas) free-range all day giving us the most delicious, colorful and healthy eggs... And don't forget to try our delicious home-made RUM CAKE, made with our hens fresh eggs, 100% real gold rum and almonds, yummy! We are a small family operation; husband, wife, 6 year old son and auntie, who love our "girls" and provide the best for them in exchange for those beautiful and delicious fresh eggs! Our hens are part of our family and we are proud to be able to provide our faithful customers their healthy eggs. Each egg is picked-up daily, refrigerated immediately (as required by the Dept. of Agriculture), candled, graded and dated for your safety. And to make it easily available for pick-up, we have placed a refrigerator at the Thrift Store next door, so feel free to stop by to take a look! Don't forget to pick-up a Rum Cake too!! Made from my family's Cuban recipe, so amazingly delicious�.available in Golden, Chocolate, Limoncello and Gluten Free. Makes a great gift!

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