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Creekside Meadows Farm is a family farm offering all own Grassfed Beef, Pasture Woodland raised Pork, chemical free vegetables, maple syrup and farmsteand soaps. We are not attending farmers markets in 2020 as we are selling from the farm either online ordering on our website for meats or at our seasonal roadside stand for vegetables & maple syrup. We are committed to protecting our local ecosystem and providing safe, healthy and delicious food for our customers. We are a woman veteran familiy owned and run farm with the Homegrown by Heroes Label. We only sell what we raise and make on the farm. Our beef is entirely grassfed with no grain, no antibiotics and no hormones. Our pork raised on our pastures and woodlands. Our vegetable are grown with our own farms compost and no conventional chemicals practices. Maple Syrups is made in small batches on our wood fired boiler from our own trees. Farmstead Soaps started because of allergies to coconut and palm oils in other soaps. We used tallow and lard from our animals for a pure, sustainable, mild, & nourishing soap your skin will love. Our family has been raising our own food for over 20 years, grazing livestock since 1998 and selling to our customers since 2002. Please check our website for all details as 2020 has been busy and a very different year.

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