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Dawnbreaker Farms is located on 20 acres of rolling pasture, woodland and garden at the far northeast corner of Orange County. On this farm we raise pasture raised heritage breed meats, eggs and vegetables. Using regular movement and a leader follower system we mimic natural systems to enhance the fertility and diversity of our land. Ruminants mow down the grass and poultry follow scratching in the ruminants manure, eating flies, ticks, lice and other bugs that disturb humans and livestock alike. Pigs are moved throughout the woods turning over leaf duff, eating bugs, worms, roots and green foliage. This temporary disturbance exposes the soil's seed bank to light and air and transforms our otherwise lifeless understory into a environment that is alive with verdant growth. Our success is measured not only by the amount of money we make but by the holistic health of our livestock, fertility of our soils, health of our overall ecosystem and the abundance and diversity of "wild" trees, plants and animals.

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