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Pasture Raised Poultry - We raise the freshest home grown chicken around. Our birds range outdoors with sunshine, fresh grass and high quality feed. They are antibiotic/medication free. We are a family run business. Our farm was founded in 1905 by Great-Grandfather Robertson. He kept a piece of his Louisiana roots by naming the farm "Dixie Ranch". The farm is currently owned by dad, and run by us. We began raising "Dixie" chickens for our own table in 2009. We have limited availability currently. But we are looking to grow based on interest. Whole Chicken $5.20/lb, Cut Up Chicken $6.50/lb. Also Chicken Feet $3/lb. April 22nd, 2020 - sold out - more around July 1st 2020 For more frequent updates check Dixie Chickens out on Facebook

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