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Ahavah Farm is an ecologically-organic, small family CSA farm. Located near Colorado Springs, we have a 350 member CSA that has pickup locations along I-25 from South Colorado Springs to North Denver. We strive to be as environmentally regenerative as possible, operating on 100% solar power and operating without chemicals of any kind, pesticides or GMO's. Ahavah Farm is 100% Certified Organic and over 95% of all crops are heirloom varieties which increases flavor, experience and nutrition! We also have a non-profit organization, called Ahavah Community Initiative which aims to donate regenerative and local food to people who need it the most as well as to do regenerative agriculture outreach, kids programs and events. Please go to to learn about our farm and to join our CSA community, learn about our classes and more! Check out our non-profit organization Like us on Facebook @ahavahfarm Join our Facebook Group of 1,000 members: Follow us on Instagram @ahavahfarm? Subscribe to our channel on Youtube @Ahavah Farm Follow our blog at

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