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We are a small family farm located in Penrose, Colorado (a bit south of Colorado Springs). We started this farm because we wanted to eat fresh, nutrient-dense foods, produced using methods beneficial to the humans, the animals and the land. We produce more food than we can eat, and share the surplus with folks that appreciate better-than-organic food. We are primarily a grass based operation. All of our animals are on pasture or free ranged. We never use any GMOs or soy based feeds. We never administer hormones, and only use antibiotics as a last resort to save a life. We practice low-stress livestock handling and believe happy, healthy, loved animals make tasty, healthy, nutrient dense food. We are proud to be Animal Welfare Approved. We currently offer raw cow milk shares, beyond organic eggs, 100% grass fed lamb, and pastured turkeys for sale. We welcome farm tours and love showing people our farm and the way we do things.

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