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Bernards Farm is a family-owned and operated u-pick/ we-pick farm store in rural Yamhill county, Oregon. We are open nearly year-round with seasonal offerings, including flowering plants and veggie starts in the spring, fresh produce from spring into the fall, hazelnuts and walnuts from fall into the spring. Our farm store operates out of a big white barn with a new red roof which was built in 1924 and is currently being renovated. In 2011, we started a CSA subscription program. We currently have a pickup locations at the farm store. We also participate in the McMinnville and Lincoln City Farmers' Markets. Although, we started farming conventionally 35 years ago, our goal is to transition to a organic methods which will return more to the earth then is removed. We do not use chemical sprays on our produce. Currently, we are learning to use cover crops and compost as a means to fertilize crops instead of chemical fertilizers. We are devoting ourselves to improving the taste and nutritional value of our produce through improving the environment in which it is grown.

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