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We are a small farm using Holistic High Density grazing to raise sheep and goats. We have 2 border collies that help us with our daily movement of sheep and goats. There names are Wink and Kat. We feel that we couldn't do this job with out them, also our gurdian dogs Bonnie and Heidi keep the livestock safe at night so we can sleep well. We also raise a small amount of pasture pork . Our livestock are not wormed or given any shots under this type of management. They are moved daily so they have a constant supply of various plants to select from. Our breed of sheep are White Dorper/Katahdin cross hair sheep. Their meat is very mild due to the lack of lanolin in them. Our goal is to include small frame cattle to our operation and meat birds. At this time we offer a limited amount of free range egg. Check out our facebook page Clearview Farm

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