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Our robbing bees problem continued to escalate since 2011. Finally after losing several 2-going-on-3 year-old queens I closed my Alameda County apiaries! I still have n.Oakland and N.Berkeley honey and sell the appropriate EXtremely Local Honey for their area if I have it!! There still is some fall harvest from last year available [aug-nov] Perfect for your morning tea during hayfever season! Bahr Ranch bees are free-range, non pesticide, non-antibiotic, non-smoking, non-high fructose corn syrup-fed ladies living in bottomless hives, and feeding in local flower gardens and orchards providing EXtremely Local honey from Albany, North Berkeley, North Oakland, Rancho San Miguel, Walnut Creek in California. Honey is packaged in new, glass, one pound jars, one pound ($15.00). EXtremely Local means just that, I cannot deliver outside my bees' range area. Larger Quantities are available if arranged for in advance of harvest! North Brae liquor on Hopkins in Berkeley still offers N. Berkeley honey Please note our honey is RAW, not processed, only extracted, strained and bottled in a stainless steel kitchen. All the Contra Costa County hives are doing great this year!

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