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No pesticides, no machinery, no GMOs. Vegetables the way your grandmother grew them. We are a husband and wife team, Ben Stein and Alicia Brown, growing over 200 varieties of vegetables and flowers on one acre of land. Entirely hand tended, intensively planted, and ecologically focused. We are dedicated to growing life-giving food, building soil health, and offering food access within the city without the need of a car. We are passionate about delicious food and nurturing community around us. We never use chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, and are committed to growing ethical, sustainable and healthy food. Our CSA: Our CSA program is the main focus of our farm. We don't go to farmer's markets, so everything we grow is meticulously planned especially for our members. Each week you will receive a curated box of vegetables that is designed to feed you throughout the week. Each Friday you will get a newsletter containing two recipes for every vegetable in your box, as well as tips on how to store and prepare your produce. Pickups are on our farm in South Troy every Saturday from May to November. For people who travel a lot or need more flexibility, we also offer a "Flex" CSA share that is entirely free-choice.

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