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We offer a large selection of farm raised New Zealand and Californian Rabbits. How we raise our rabbits: Rabbits raised commercially are housed up off of the ground in hutches and provided with an automatic watering system. They are thus one of the cleanest animals raised today. We feed our rabbits commercial rabbit food comprised of alfalfa and a mixture of other plants (without any antibiotics, hormones, or animal byproducts). Babies are kept in groups to allow for social interaction. Adults tend to be territorial so are usually housed separately, but all have close contact with their neighbors. They hate heat so we keep them in shaded barns and provide fans for them in summer. We started our farm 3 years ago when my retired father moved in with us. He brought with him 11 years of experiance raising rabbits for meat. It has been a wonderful journey for our whole family. The daily interaction with the rabbits is very rewarding in many ways. Our goal is to take the rabbit meat business from farm to table. If you havent tried rabbit please call us, give it a try. We absolutely love the front legs prepared like chicken wings, hot, grilled, fried you choose they are all great. You are welcome to come tour our farm. We will provide you with a wealth of information about rabbits and how we raise the healthiest animals without the need of antibiotics.

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