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Who Are We Frank Community Farm provides vocational training and employment to adults with Autism and other neurological disorders. Frank Community Farm was inspired by the desire to create a work environment that celebrates and values the differences of its workers, and that takes advantage of each individual worker's strengths rather than discounting their abilities due to relative areas of weakness. Our Farming Practices At Frank Community Farm we strive to grow the most nutrient dense, sustainable, and delicious food that we can. To achieve this, we focus on regenerative soil practices that grow and diversify the soils microbiology helping to create a balanced ecosystem. We use a no-till approach that helps to generate, feed, and sustain the organic matter in our soil. By only disturbing the soil minimally, quickly rotating our crop beds to always have them densely planted, and by adding plenty of organic matter from compost we are able to eliminate erosion and grow healthy soil that captures and holds carbon through nearly continuous photosynthesis. Our soil health centered approach eliminates the need for using toxic fertilizers and pesticides by giving the plants the nutrients they need to combat pests. We work hard to bring forth food in an eco-friendly manner.

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