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We are a small family farm located in Winchester, VA (50 miles west of Washington, DC). We are dedicated to raising and producing the highest quality food products for our family and yours. We produce a number of products - *Brick Oven baked breads and pizzas - Old World style sour dough (no yeast) Fresh milled farmhouse bread. *Pasture Raised Poultry, we raise Freedom Ranger meat chickens, Turkeys (For Thanksgiving) and pastured eggs. *Grass Fed & Finished Angus/Angus Beef *Raw milk cheese We feed all our pastured poultry an organic, non GMO, soy free feed. We bake our breads, pizzas and other products with organic fresh milled flour and other organic ingredients. Our cows are raised on pasture and are never fed corn or soy. We eat all the food we produce and take great pride in providing the cleanest food possible.

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