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Real food, straight from the farm = nutrient density for you and your family. Not satisfied by eating the best grocery store health food? Visit the Copia Farmstore to find living foods for building true immunity. Raw Milk Herdshare - NEW! Pasture-Raised Eggs Grass Fed Meats Bone Broth Organic Produce Regenerative - Sustainable - Organic/GMO-Free - Raw - Paleo - Gluten Free Copia is a 40-acre holistically-designed farm in Johnstown, OH. Complete with mature trees, ponds, a wandering creek, meadows, glowing sunsets and croaking frogs, Copia is a very special, diverse refuge, excellent for walks and picnics. Our approach to farming is through the eyes of earth stewards. All of our practices build healthy soil, clean water, happy animals, and a thriving community. Our extensive background in teaching Permaculture is our farm's north star. Raw Milk Herdshare SIGN UP! Meet our sweet cows and see them getting milked! Friday evening tours. Kids welcome!

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