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American Criollo Beef Alliance presents 100% grass-fed, pasture raised Criollo beef. Criollo beef is exceptionally tender and very lean. Criollo has been proven in DNA testing to rival Kobe beef (from Wagyu cattle) for tenderness and Angus beef for quality. ACBA has each animal DNA tested for tenderness and meat quality (marbling) before entering the Certified Criollo Beef Program and sold to the consumer, thus ensuring consistent quality. Criollo cattle were brought to the "New World" from the high desert plains of Andalusia in Southern Spain on Columbus's second voyage. Superbly adapted for survival in the hostile environments of the North American southwest, these hardy cattle thrive on available forage. They are renowned for their hardiness, fertility, gentle nature and longevity. They are easy on the land, tending to improve a pasture, rather than destroy it. Criollo cattle naturally self-rotate through a pasture, utilizing every square foot of acreage, rather than concentrating on any one area. Our cattle spend their entire lives roaming spacious pastures in Central Texas. With their foraging efficiency, they get fat easily on natural grasses with no supplementation, only needing high quality hay in the winter months. ACBA uses no hormones or antibiotics. Ranch visits are welcome.

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