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We sell most of our products at Wooster Local Roots. Our early season produce includes lettuce, spinach, radishes, asparagus, peas, swiss chard, and onions. As we get further into the summer our gardens overflow with tomatoes, peppers, beans, beets, squash, strawberries, leeks, cauliflower, and broccoli. For interested customers, we also offer free-range eggs. We are committed to raising heritage and endangered breeds of chickens for eggs. All of our chickens are pasture-raised and fed all-natural feeds-- never any antibiotics or hormones. We also offer organically raised broiler chickens. We raise the chickens right here on the farm from day-old chicks. They have access to pasture and sunshine every day. Since we keep our flock small, we are able to process them right here on the farm. The chickens never leave our farm and therefore, the quality of their lives is very high. We set the price per pound in the spring according to feed prices. Our birds usually weight between 4-6 pounds each and are packaged in freezer-ready bags. Please call for more information and pick-up dates. Crooked Barn Farm is located just 7 miles from Wooster. When we purchased the farm in 2007 it was in a terrible state of disrepair. After a terrible house fire, we have rebuilt the house and are now in the process of repairing the old crooked barn. This 150-year old beauty has been jacked up and had a new foundation poured under it's high-drive wall. Now we are carefully removing old, rotten siding and replacing windows and doors. Once it's repaired it will still be crooked, but it will probably stand for another hundred and fifty years! We welcome farm visitors and those interested in learning about what we do.

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