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Homesteaders, Are you planning on getting chickens or do you have chickens? Are you tired of having hens peck each other, or having a rooster get a little too frisky and tearing their backs up? I'm sure many of you know that chicken aprons/saddles will help solve the problem. Really though, who wants to be a chicken tailor on top of running a farm/homestead? Or spend possibly more money on a saddle(that may only last a season) than the chicken itself costs? It's now time to solve your problem! Our new patent-pending chicken saddles are almost indestructible (by a chicken), easily washable and CHEAP! Hand-produced in the USA! Our saddles cost as little as US$0.75 each. Shipping for chicken saddles is a flat $1.50 charge within USA! Unfortunately, due to vast increases in USPS international shipping rates, we have had to increase our postage charges for our international buyers. Buy more and get more discounts! Visit us at ** We are planning to move out of state so at this time, we are not selling farm fresh eggs.

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