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This is not a farm or a retail business. Beehives in our Backyard. Beekeeping is a hobby for my husband. No chemicals are used to maintain the hives. We do not process the honey. It is in it's natural state. Honey is usually extracted around mid June or early July. It comes direct from the hive into the extractor and into the bottle. For 2021 we will have extra honey and should be available thru 2022 For honey please click on "email us" or call. Please check this site, email me or CALL 717- 732-4767 to check availability. Bottled in pint and quart size glass bottles. We will also have a little comb honey using a system called the Hogg Comb Honey System where the bees create the comb right in the case. No cutting of wax or handling of any kind required. Linda & Brian

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