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De La Mesa Farms is a small-scale family-owned 2 acre farm located in the heart of Tacoma. We are committed to being a regenerative, no-till market garden that focuses on improving soil conditions and soil health so that we can grow a better crop. Despite the fact that everything is done by hand - no tractor, no till - we are always seeking ways to innovate and usher in a new generation of farmers. We use hyrdroponic/aquaponic systems to grow our microgreens, and other crops are grown in the ground. We brew our own compost tea to improve soil conditions and diversify the microbes in the soil. We participate in conversation programs to make sure we are good stewards of the land. We initially began farming in Hawaii in 2017 when we couldn't find fresh Latin produce to make the home-cooked Mexican meals that Bryan Mesa grew up on. Bryan's family is from Mexico and he spent much of his youth in Michocan, Mexico learning to cook from his abuelita. As our farm expanded in Hawaii, we began producing value-added products such as fiery salsas and pickles. Now that we are in Washington, we have dreams of making and selling farm-to-table salsas and fresh tortillas from the heirloom dried corn we grow on our farm. We are farmers first, but we are also cooks and want to share our love of Latin foods with our customers as our farm grows. We are currently preparing to build a commercial kitchen on our farm so that we can prepare value-added products.

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