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Bar T Ranch is a fourth generation farm that began in the 1930's that is now in it's third and fourth generation. All of our cattle are bred, born and raised on our local native grass pastures until time to be processed. In late summer, we plant winter annuals, such as rye and ryegrass for better winter and spring grazing. We do not use hormones or steroids as our cattle are being raised, nor are there any antibiotics or animal by-products ever fed to our cattle. The beef is dry aged for two weeks. When processed there are no additives or preservatives added to our meat and it is not treated with radiation. All cuts are vacuum packed, eliminating the need for preservatives. Since the meat does not come in contact with oxygen it maintains its freshness, texture, and flavor longer. Our beef is state inspected and locally processed. We have been gathering carcass information for over ten years as our cattle are processed to improve the marbling in our herd. By using this information along with careful management of our cattle, we are able to offer both a tender product and a healthy one for your family! We welcome your visit!

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