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Agape Wells Farm produces natural grass-fed beef for folks throughout Washington. At Agape Wells we try to raise the best beef possible, beef that is both healthy to eat and flavorful. We approach this goal in 3 ways, raising a select breed of cattle, feeding only natural grass and providing a quiet stress-free environment. First, we raise only Angus beef. Angus cattle are noted for their marbled meat, making it juicy and tender. Second, we work hard to produce pastures with a high quality mix of grasses and legumes for our cattle to eat. They drink pure watered from our artesian well. We supplement with minerals developed especially for our area to provide them with the nutrients they need for healthy growth. No growth hormones or antibiotics are used. Third, we maintain a low stress environment. The folks on our farm interact with the cattle in a way to ensure they are familiar and comfortable with each of us. As a result, they are easily moved from pasture to pasture with little more than a whistle from the newly opened gate. This keeps our cattle content and producing the best beef possible. We hope you will give our beef a try. Visitors to our farm are always welcome. Just give us a call.

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